Lisa Crossman

The Uncanny Home of Our Imagination

I'm pleased to share the Shell Jackets as part of "The Uncanny Home of Our Imagination" curated by Lisa Crossman & Julia Csekö with artists Céline Browning, Joana Traub Csekö, Julia Csekö, Amelia C. Young,  Kate Nielsen and Adams Puryear (FPOAFM Studios), Elana Adler, Jonathan Talit and Mia Cross.

March 19—April 9, 2016
opening reception: Sat. March 19, 6—9pm

Nave Gallery Annex
gallery hours: Thurs & Fri, 6-8PM; Sat & Sun, 2—6PM

"This show is a fleeting exploration of the home as concept and lived material space in which taste, anxiety, and desire take shape. Playfully using the concepts of the uncanny and the “uncanny valley” as points of reference, selected objects and their placement within a house-turned gallery are meant to call attention to the act of attaching emotions to the things that populate our inhabited domestic spaces. The home takes on a special role as site of origin and desired return – an (extra)ordinary domestic environment filled with art that may provoke empathy or aversion." –  Lisa Crossman. More information about the exhibition and events on the exhibition webpage.