Character demonstrating "UnPack" a wearable expression of identity that allows the user to arrange two calligraphic lines into a three-dimensional expression of self while also creating the illusion of a protective environment. 10:22 min.

"Father's Farm, Broken", 2015. Single channel video using found family footage (16mm and 8mm) from 1937-1878; focusing on land use management, nature and play. 2:49 min.

In this video I wear my "Alone Together" tent dress and demonstrate how it can be turned into a tent while never removing the garment. Part performance documentation, the video speaks to the frustration and fears of finding shelter in an urban center. I shot this footage in September 2013 on a development parcel in Chinatown, Boston MA using a Sony Mini HD camera and tripod.

Artist demonstrating The Rogue Tent, a temporary space designed for meditation. Tent is suspended and animated by an HVAC air duct. Performed in Boston, Massachusetts, USA at the School of Museum of Fine Arts studio building. Recorded on a Sony MiniHD camera; handheld and on a tripod.

Artist wearing objects from the Hide:Seek Spring/Summer 2013 collection of wearables illustrates the fears passed down through generations and the ultimate mastery of them. Filmed in Stonington, Connecticut, USA. Included in School of the Museum of Fine Art's graduate thesis exhibition at Carroll and Sons in Boston. 

Part of Where Ever You Go, There You Are. The artist's perfect room as rendered by Corey Beaulieu. A commentary on design and desire. 1:05 min by Kate Gilbert.


Your Room guided meditation from "Inner Chamber" and "Meri's Room"; 13:52 min mp3 audio recording.