in a tiny box I would put...

Traditional Japanese inrōs were used to carry small objects that today would be stashed in a pocket or purse. (This is the only design flaw I can find in the kimono but boy it is major.) Made up of multiple compartments, these small satchels were worn at the waist and contained things like medicine, cosmetics and identity seals.

As the owner of a pair of pants with count them, seven, pockets, I simply can't imagine paring down my essential belongings to something as small as a cell phone. Unless there's a lipstick app? 

Talisman’s of Breath” was inspired in part by the Gardner’s collection of inrōs and my fascination/disgust with having everything I need right at hand. It builds off of the Sherpa Hoods and Survivor Packs – which promise to carry everything one needs to master physiological comfort, safety, belonging/love, self-esteem and creative fulfilment – and the PA Wristlets which signify their wearer is stressed.