I've gone Elsewhere

Have you ever dreamed of throwing in the towel and joining a commune? Who hasn’t fantasized about communal meals lovingly cooked with fresh organics and tempeh? How about ending a long day of doing nothing by playing the spoons with young, long-haired men and bangos?

Well, I’m living that dream in Greensboro, NC at Elsewhere, a residency in a former thrift shop. After a frenetic summer making, curating and researching public art I'm learning the rhythms of the almost-South and comparing two very different but equally vibrant cities.

Yesterday I went to a talk by John Roberts of The Better Block and was reminded of the power of thinking small, and local. I've got a few ideas to try out in Boston as simple as cleaning up my own front stoop.

In the meantime, I’m finishing documenting the wardrobe pieces that call to me and beginning to design an outfit for a fictional time-travelling character.