On Saturday I stopped by OccupyBoston at Dewey Square on the Greenway to shoot some video for class. I was expecting (hoping) to get some tense cop/activist footage but alas, the cops were actually helping the protesters. A cop to the protesters, "Now if I were you, I'd stop and pivot here, around the sign post." (Did he actually say sashay?)
While it's nowhere near the size of Occupy Wall Street, I was still impressed and inspired by the sense of interconnectedness I saw among participants. People really seemed to care. They care about what's going on nationally, and they care about the local environment. There's a food tent, a medic, and people there to help. "I have the answers", read one cardboard sign. 
Good luck my friends. I'll be back for more interviews -- and your answers -- and if the editing software gods shine down on me, I'll post some videos soon on my website.