It looks like a turkey

People have said more degrading things about my artwork but “It looks like a turkey” was the first poultry reference I’ve ever heard…about my artwork, not me. (Full disclosure: I’ve been accused of talking in circles like a hen; My sister says the adorable messages I leave her in French sound as if a turkey hijacked my phone; and I have refined an excellent pigeon impression.)

The turkey comment came from a Boston police officer as my fellow artist/arts-activist/patron/friend and I walked through Chinatown last night with Soft Spore White in a clear plastic bag. I’d finally delivered it to her –  a work from an installation she helped make possible in January 2009 – and suddenly, I wanted it back! It is the best conversation piece. Ever.

Imagine if you will, a 16” irregular sphere of iridescent white with 3” conical spikes all over it, which have been folded and smooshed up against the side of a bag. Its shape is not perfect and it sags into the corners like a lifeless fair prize goldfish at the bottom of a bag of water. 

What is it? 

A spore! And we’ll release it on you if you don’t stop staring!

One woman said it looked like a dumpling. I call it art. The whole thing…the piece and the interactions with people while walking through Chinatown, and later sitting by the Chinatown Park waterfall.

I have visions of creating one enormous spore and suspending it in plastic over the plaza…what would people say then?

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