FRIGID PHRASES, a social experiment

FRIGID PHRASES began as a SMFA class exploration into relational aesthetics, the term coined by Nicolas Bourriaud, and subsequent art movements involving the art object's relationship to people in a social context. Emily and I wanted to take this idea beyond the classroom, the galleries and the institution, and out into the real world. The Greenway during school vacation seemed like the ideal testing ground. 

Greenway Wharf District Parks in the late afternoon. Let's add color...and people!We're curious to see what happens with this dynamic social environment we're creating. There's no individual winner. There's no solving the poems. Their meaning will be in constant flux as we trade out word/gloves. Does that frustrate the problem solvers among us?

Will people follow our rules (swap gloves within the poems) or will they set up their own bartering system? Will they take their gloves and split? Or will they stay for a while and share in some tea and conversation? We'll see, and I'll report back here.

Wed. Feb. 20
Play anytime between 4 and 6:30
Greenway Wharf Parks

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