“Your work is sick!”

“It’s like a dream. Like there’s all this thought crammed into it. I could stare at it for hours.” That was my favorite comment about my work last Friday at the opening of Dénouement/Indéterminé. It came from a young woman from California who swayed every part of her body while she talked (head and hips one way, shoulders the other, while her feet made their own pattern on the floor) in the most adorable and free way. The lithe Valley Girl was one of several dozen Kimball Union Academy students who came to the gallery for some free snacks and stayed to share their uninhibited thoughts on my work.

Each student I talked with was earnest and brimming with energy. Yes, some were shy and didn't really look me in the eye but they were all honest -- not yet capable of being disingenuous or saying nice things for the sake of saying nice things. So refreshing!

Admittedly, it was one of the oddest openings I’ve ever been to but I walked away feeling great. I’d shared my work with the next generation and in return they’d given me some honest and pleasant feedback. I also had a new found appreciation for all who teach. (Julie, your work is so important!) That’s all there is after all – inspiration and conversation – or the indéterminé of life, love and art.

Me and Mom in front of her favorite painting, Maggy, which was also a big hit with the students. Apparently it looks like a popular album cover but I don’t know which one. Do you?